Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations


  • The College is in session from Monday to Thursday & Saturday, between 08:00 am to 02:00 pm. Friday 08:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Students should be in class at the scheduled time and remain in class throughout the class time. For each hour of class, there is a ten-minute break and a 30 minute tea break from 10:30 am to 11:00 am. Students arriving within 10 minutes of scheduled time will be marked late where’s; those arriving after 10 minutes will be marked absent. Being late three times will be equal to one absent.

Mobile Phone
Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the class room, skill lab and their clinical placement.

Political / Sectarian Activities
Students are strictly forbidden to indulge in political or sectarian activities.

Social Activities
Any academic and social functions arrangement requires prior permission from management which is mandatory.

Damage to College Property
Any willful damage to College property the students involved will have to bear cost of damage done.

Student Visitors
Students are not allowed to invite visitors or friends in the College or take them around to visit the campus.

Transport facility
Transport picks and drop service will be provided only for college. No transport will be provided for day scholar any clinical attachment.

Theory Classes
According to Fatima Memorial System’s policy, students are expected to maintain 90% Attendance in all theory classes.

The student has less than 90% attendance in first three month of study, two warning letters will be issue and third time their training will be terminated and also they have to refund all expenses of their study during that period.


  • According to Fatima Memorial System policy Clinical training is mandatory for all the students, students are expected to maintain 95% Attendance in all clinical/lab.
  • Clinical training will be provided at Fatima Memorial Hospital or at any other hospital / institution affiliated with Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore.
  • Students who is unable to attend clinical days because of their marriage or death of their own/blood relative(s) must notify their respective coordinator.
  • A student who has missed the clinical days will be required to meet with the respective course faculty to arrange for the missed practice time and clinical objectives. Rescheduling will be determined by the faculty.
  • Students are expected to perform all shift duties (morning, evening & night) except during first year, winter/summer clinical.
  • Students need to makeup 3 days for 1 missed clinical day during winter /summer clinical.

In each academic year, students are allowed to take the following leaves.

    1. An annual leave of one calendar month as per schedule.
    2. Sick leave up to 7 days/year (Leave exceeding seven days will need to be made up from the annual leave after consultation with the year/program coordinator).
    3. A student who is sick on a clinical day must be seen by a physician. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the sick leave certificate to the program coordinator within 24 hours of resumption.

This certificate must be from FMH or, if obtained from outside FMH should be verified from FMH’s Senior Registrar.

    1. In case of emergency, the student is expected to inform and submit a formal note to the program coordinator upon his or her return.
    2. Special leave for a maximum of five days/year for a student’s own marriage may be granted upon a written request to the program coordinator and program director.
    3. Maternity/Paternal leave

a. Maternity leave will be granted to students at their request. Student must discuss the Maternity leave plan with the Year Coordinator at their earliest.
b. Maternity leaves will be provided up to 12 weeks Thus, student obtaining this leave will be excused from the three month course but she will not allow appear in present session of examination. She will appear in next supplementary examination.
c. Upon request, paternal leave of five working days will be granted to male student, on the birth of their child. A written request for the leave should be made to the Year/Program Coordinator with a copy to Program Director.

    1. Compassionate leave
    2. Compassionate leave of three days may be granted only in the case of death of an immediate family member.

a. One week compassionate leave will be provided to students. One week leave will be provided to the students from outside Lahore. i.e Bahwalpur, Rahim yar kahn, AJ&K, Multan, Mian wali.
b. Students should write a request for this leave to the Program Coordinator.

Note: It is the responsibility of the student to work on the missed contents of the classes and clinical in consultation with the respective course faculty.

Absent from College Examination
If a student absent from Mid-terms, Send-ups, the student must submit an application to the concerned course faculty and program coordinator prior to the due date. She should immediately provide a written explanation, or evidence supporting the absence, e.g, medical certificate etc.
A student who has missed any of the said examination time will be required to meet with the respective course faculty and program coordinator to arrange for the missed examination. Rescheduling will be determined by the program coordinator with consultation of the Program Director.

Absent from final UHS & Board examination
If a student absent from Mid-terms, Send-ups, the student must submit application to the concerned course faculty and program coordinator prior to the due date.
In special circumstances if the student is unable to appear in the final exam, the students must submit an application to the concerned course faculty

Students will be asked to withdraw from the program if they do not meet the following professional and academic standards:

  • Every student has to meet ethical and professional standards defined by the PNC code of ethics and safe clinical nursing practice and disciplinary procedure FMS.
  • Students will be withdrawn from the program if they are:
  • Unsuccessful in a course which is repeated
  • Failing more than one course and given the re-sit; and is unsuccessful in any of the re-sit exam.
  • Unable to clear probation period (first three month)
  • Unprofessional and unsafe clinical practice
  • Unable to achieve CGPA of 2.5 at the end of each examination.

Policies for clinical Nursing Practice

Dress Code

  • All nursing students are expected to maintain professional appearance in the clinical area by wearing an appropriate, neat, clean and complete uniform.
  • Dignity of the uniform should be maintained at all times.
  • Female students are required to wear: white shalwar, kameez, koti and dupatta black/white socks and black shoes and simple black/brown/white clip or hair band to tie the hair above the collar.
  • In winter, the students may wear green sweaters.
  • Student must wear Identification (ID) cards on the uniform at all the times.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any jewelry nail polish or dark make-up on clinical rotation
  • Use of mobiles will not be allowed.
  • During community Health Nursing Clinical Field visits no uniform is required; however all students must wear clothes that are neat, clean and appropriate to the site of visit. No Sandals or any colorful shoes are allowed.

Students are required to be present in complete uniform at the designated time for their classes in the college and for clinical experience as well. Tardiness (10 minutes after the designated time) will be marked late.

Tea Break/Lunch Break
All breaks should be taken after taking permission with the respective nurse manager or clinical faculty. Tea break is 15 minutes Lunch break is 30 minutes