Principal’s Message

Prof. Bilal Bin Younis
Principal & Associate Dean

Principal’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing. You are among the nation’s best and brightest students and now a part of the mission of Fatima Memorial System to produce the best medical professionals.

From the beginning, you will be exposed to more than classroom knowledge. You will be introduced to direct patient care and will be developed as critically thinking, compassionate individuals. SWCON believes it is important for our students to have a busy but clinically rewarding experience while under the supportive tuition of our experienced teaching staff.

We recognize the need for specialist subjects to be taught or led by specialists. We are proud to be able to achieve this specialist teaching. Our research team is active in medical research with numerous publications.

As you progress your interests will diverge, however, the Mission, Vision, and Values of the nursing college will remain as the foundation of your training. Your dedication to the study of medicine is invaluable to your patients, the college, and society. I wish you all well in your career choices.

School of Health Sciences – Fatima Memorial System is an extremely dedicated group of academic institutions: the FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry (FMHCM&D), Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing (SWCON), FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences (IAHS), and Postgraduate Institute. All are dedicated in providing superior education and training to produce highly qualified caring Physicians, Nurses, and Allied health professionals to serve the nation. The establishment of Fatima Memorial System is a testament to the vision, commitment, and effort of its founder Mrs. Shahima Rehman.

Recently NUR International University has been added to Fatima Memorial System, and the NUR Centre for Research and Policy (NRCP) has been established with a mission to provide evidence-based recommendations to strengthen and inform policy to reform practice in the health, education, and social sector. NRCP has partnered with many National and International organizations in the health, social, and education sectors like Global fund, WHO, ADB, UNICEF, RAF, DFID, AusAID, John’s Hopkin’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, British Council, NACP to research several issues regarding MNCH, nutrition status, and education. Research and quest for knowledge is the hallmark of any academic institution and to promote a culture of research we have aligned Research and Research Promotion Activities across NUR- FMS. We are still very young but our achievements foresee a very bright future, our students have achieved many positions and distinctions in UHS examinations in FMHCM&D, IAHS, and SWCON. These successes are driven by the creativity, energy, and perseverance of our faculty, staff, and students. Our results reflect the quality of teaching and training. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our students who are able to attain admission in SWCON and I look forward with anticipation and assurance that together we will strive for and achieve excellence and that today’s students will become tomorrow’s practitioners, innovators, and leaders in science and the healing arts.