Director’s Message

Ms. Misbah Zafar
Director Nursing Academics

Director’s Message

Welcome to SWCON!

You are embarking on perhaps the most important and exciting journey of your life. You will be exploring new areas, discovering new interests, learning new skills, and learning to view your surroundings with a new understanding. By the end of this journey, we hope you will know what motivates and drives you as a nurse.

SWCON stands for leadership and excellence in every curricular and extracurricular activity. It is an oasis of calmness with its serene surroundings, providing the ideal environment for the best and brightest students to interact with a superb and highly qualified faculty. We ask both our teachers and students to meet and surpass the highest standards of the nursing profession and research excellence in the world. The faculty, students, and the staff together constitute the SWCON team that strives each day to take this institution to new heights of excellence in academics, research, community service, and knowledge exchange. We come from different regions of the country, from vastly different social strata, different ethnicities, and a true representation of the beautiful mosaic of Pakistan. The challenging curriculum has been designed to integrate these diverse areas of knowledge and give you the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in the world. We will be with you every step of the way. Good Luck and Welcome to a new world of care, passion, and humanity.


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