Alumni Message’s

Mrs. Uzma Firdous
Assistant Professor (Nursing) 



“The multicultural environment and capable instructors at SWCON furnished me with a solid academic foundation and skills for my current responsibilities. I am so certain that I would not have been able to step up to my current job and future promotion prospects without the Punjab Government scholarship I received, as well as the knowledge I gained from SWCON.”


Ms. Tahira Saheen
Nursing Instructor PGCN, Punjab



“Presently I am working as Nurse Faculty at Post Graduate College of Nursing in BPS 18. Being a student of SWCON has been an enduring investment, one that commenced before admission, assembled during my time at SWCON, and will flourish after graduation. I have learned and grown beyond my expectations. I am forever grateful!”

Mrs. Zubeda Sawar Khan
Former Controller Nursing Examination Board Punjab



“The skills we learned, working successfully with fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures, combining the best of competing nursing approaches and strategies, and constantly adapting and achieving precisely from the diversity of our colleagues are rare. They are essential, valuable skills in the international health care world, but are also of great worth. That is the unique competitive advantage, which SWCON confers to all its graduates.”

Mrs. Mamoona Iram
BSN-2013 (Gold Medalist)
Principal, Aziz Fatimah Nursing College Faisalabad



“I cherish every moment spent at SWCON. My days at SWCON reminds me of the colorful stage, the vibrant classrooms and the super supportive faculty. My graduation at SWCON has been a very memorable journey. Choosing SWCON was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The College enhanced the creativity in me and made me realize my hidden talent of a leader. At present, I am working as a Principal at Aziz Fatimah Nursing College Faisalabad. I am Grateful to Almighty Allah that I had SWCON as the stepping stone of my career life, and thank you SWCON for making me a person I am today.”